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Hurricane Downtime

This blog will likely go down for some time due to the storm.  Not that anyone is following that closely, but see you when things are back up.

Update: Or maybe not.


Memetic Defenses Enabled

Comment moderation has been enabled to stem the tide of irrelevant and poorly written commercial solicitations.


On the Numbered Ideas

About the ideas I list and number in some of my posts here:

Those are ideas / themes / patterns I keep coming back to in my thought, listed in order of appearance on this blog.  I thought it might be a nifty idea to list them in some pithy way, maybe come back around to ones I’ve mentioned before in future posts.

Don’t know if that structure is a good idea, I’m just winging it.


About This Blog

I created this website for kicks.  I figured I’d share a little bit about what I’m thinking about, what sorts of ideas have influenced and interested me.  Some friends have suggested that I start a more serious blog here, free of the personal-blog-style cruft of minimally-cultivated links and Twitteresque posts about what I had for breakfast.  So fair enough.

Since I’m going to be doing more serious essaying here, I figure I should be up front about my personal beliefs and/or biases.  So, I am: An American, a Bostonian, a city-dweller, white, male, heterosexual, upper-middle class, an atheist, a humanist, a moral realist, a liberal, an intellectual, an engineer, a programmer, a technologist, not much of an artist, a democrat (I refer to the political system, not the American political party), an environmentalist, not a cornucopian, a feminist, an egalitarian, a compatibilist, a physicalist, generally optimistic about human nature, generally pessimistic about the magnitude of the challenges the world faces in the first half of the twenty-first century.