About This Blog

I created this website for kicks.  I figured I’d share a little bit about what I’m thinking about, what sorts of ideas have influenced and interested me.  Some friends have suggested that I start a more serious blog here, free of the personal-blog-style cruft of minimally-cultivated links and Twitteresque posts about what I had for breakfast.  So fair enough.

Since I’m going to be doing more serious essaying here, I figure I should be up front about my personal beliefs and/or biases.  So, I am: An American, a Bostonian, a city-dweller, white, male, heterosexual, upper-middle class, an atheist, a humanist, a moral realist, a liberal, an intellectual, an engineer, a programmer, a technologist, not much of an artist, a democrat (I refer to the political system, not the American political party), an environmentalist, not a cornucopian, a feminist, an egalitarian, a compatibilist, a physicalist, generally optimistic about human nature, generally pessimistic about the magnitude of the challenges the world faces in the first half of the twenty-first century.

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